The floor power socket for dry- or wet-cleaned floors

BODO is a range of individual round outlets that can be installed in screed or raised floors. Solid, stylish and discrete The unique, flexible tube guarantees maximum safety in the unused and used state.

BODO N is the perfect solution for wet-cleaned floors, as the flexible tube and seal provide protection against water even under the most demanding conditions.

BODO T is designed for heavy-duty applications in offices and is suitable for dry-cleaned floors.

The standard design of the floor power socket is equipped with a grounded socket and a RJ45 data socket. Despite the compact dimensions of floor outlets, there is enough room for the angled and straight connectors of high-voltage and data technology applications.

The BODO floor power socket provides the highest degree of flexibility when designing, planning and budgeting for electric supply systems. Even last-minute adjustments to the number and arrangement of individual sockets within a room, as well as the subsequent installation using a drill bit, can be implemented easily.

When combined with a cavity floor power socket and the innovative casing unit, the flexibility of installing the power cables, the height of the floor construction and selection of the floor covering offer a crucial competitive advantage.

Rooms with wet-cleaned floors can be equipped with a BODO unit. The open device is a reliable and drip-proof installation option in areas where cleaning machines are used. When opened, BODO N achieves IP 43. 

When closed, the cable outlet protects against strong water jets and the ingress of dust. Thanks to the design of the device, this solution ensures that the installed sockets cannot be contaminated with water or dirt while cleaning work is completed. When closed, BODO N achieves IP 66.

Electric shock protection for the device is also guaranteed in the closed and open state. Any direct contact between individuals and live parts is prevented, while the penetration of foreign matters into the housing is also limited.

The BODO floor outlet can withstand extreme horizontal and vertical loads. In the open and closed state, it can be driven over with a load of 1.5†tons (Pmax 15 kN) without affecting its visual appearance and mechanical characteristics.

When implemented, the intelligent and robust design of the cable outlet also offers maximum protection against cables being crushed. The securely screwed-on cover provides you with a cable outlet that is safe to stand on, protecting the cable from damage.

BODO is perfect for any application where there are particularly high demands regarding the room equipment. This applies to car showrooms, airports, shopping areas and museums, for example.

Stylish and safe thanks to the unique flexible tube

Perfect solution for wet- and dry-cleaned floors

Best cable outlet for heavy-duty applications

Further details and technical information on BODO floor power sockets are available at.

BODO N (individual outlet with floor power socket and data module, wet-cleaned)

BODO N3 (individual outlet with floor power socket, wet-cleaned)

BODO NL (individual outlet, wet-cleaned)

BODO T (individual outlet with floor power socket, dry-cleaned)

BODO TL (individual outlet, dry-cleaned)

Installation video



BODO FLF2 N (individual outlet with floor power socket and data module, wet-cleaned)

BODO FLF2 T (individual outlet with floor power socket, dry-cleaned)

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